Mobile Device Software

Systems on the go!

We make mobile devices more intelligent. We develop applications and interface with connected systems to get things done in the real world.

Our view is a mobile device is part of an intelligent system; it’s the human interface terminal.  Tiresias Technologies has mobile device expertise.  We’re not PC or Mac app developers that decided one day to start writing apps for devices.  Just the opposite, we are embedded systems gurus who are leveraging mobile devices to accomplish a mission or enable access to information.

We speak iOS™ (iPhone™, iPod™, iPad™).  We are registered Apple developers and we are members of Apple’s MFi program for hardware developers.  Yeah, that means we can make you an Apple peripheral or accessory if you want.

When we say Android™ , we are not a “Johnny come lately” since we come with honest Embedded Linux street cred.

If security applications are your concern, and it should be, we have experience securing information “on the go” and at rest.


  • Remote controls, robotics controls.
  • Specialized secure instant messaging clients for mobile phones
  • Mobile device control of instruments
  • Medical monitoring and reporting
  • Sensor integration
  • Communication with web sites, data retrieval and data upload to web sites
  • Software that edits and transforms images


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