Intelligent Systems

Smart Enough?

Intelligent Systems are defined as those with high-performance microprocessors, connectivity and high-level operating systems.  Or said another way, just about every significant device in the future including most things that surround you, support you and do work for you.

Science fiction is great, however we presently are nowhere near that Commander Data or Cylon level of synthetic intelligence, but we are making great progress.  With the advent of multicore technologies, highly integrated processors, and advanced operating environments that are integrally networked the "what" something can do in a very small, extremely efficient and low power package has increased tremendously in recent years.  Thus is born Intelligent Systems, the marriage of these devices with networks.

We are on the cusp of the "Internet of Things" being a reality.  Everything connected to everything else. New applications, interfaces, wireless networks and hoards of microprocessors working in consort.  This is the future, and it is being forged right now.  And when you can put that much power into something, for so little cost, why wouldn't you do it?

Our engineers started in the embedded domain so they know the constraints that apply to embedded systems.  Low power, power management, high performance, mission critical reliability, and resource optimization are the hallmarks of this space.  Add the layers of protocols, synchronization, coordination and distributed control that networks bring along with our expertise in hardware components and you have the picture.  These are Intelligent Systems.

Given our background, experience, talent and expertise Tiresias Technologies is poised to help your organization to capitalize on this sweeping change. Finding it hard to take advantage of this new world?  Need some help? Yeah, you are going to need some embedded/networking/real-time gurus to get that rolling.  Guess what? You just found them.


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