Engineering Design

Gizmos And Gadgets "R" Us

We make things.  The kind you can actually touch, hold in your hand, plug into the wall or network. Intelligent Systems and devices.  Intelligent Systems are embedded systems and devices that are inherently networked.  The Internet of Things.

What we mean by Engineering Design at Tiresias Technologies is the concept that design includes all aspects of a product/device/project lifecycle.  Cradle to grave, concept to reality.  That means hardware design, firmware design, prototyping, PCB layout/design, assembly and package design.

Other than prototype runs, we do not manufacture.  There are places that do a great job with that, and we can bring them to the table for you.  What we do is the design, the intellectual property of your idea reduced to practice.  Will we knock out a fantastic prototype, you bet!

When possible, it makes sense to leverage the economies of scale presented by commercial hardware.  The COTS vendor does this for a living, our job is to take the wonderful things they make and marry it to your application space.  And when there is a bit more “glue” required, or a special need, we make that too.  You do not have to try and fit the square peg in the round hole with us.  We make round pegs.

We do not operate with a “throw it over the transom” mindset.   That means we offer you the broad experience that holds the entire design effort together.  We will show you what we did, how it works, and what you need to do to maintain it.

Of course we do not stop there, because today’s reality is that firmware and software are integral components of any system. So our COTS Integration, Custom Hardware and complete Software Development represent the "whole enchilada". And because we do it all under one roof you can be assured that it works together.  There will be no “finger pointing” later on. We promise.

Our prototyping capability allows us to fab custom designs for you needs.  This includes the following capabilities.

  • Schematic Capture
  • Digital Design
  • FPGA design
  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly
  • Enclosure Fabrication
  • Design for Manufacture


There is an often said phrase.  “The tools belong to the person who knows how to use them.”  That is true in Engineering Design as well.  In some cases it can make or break the effort.  To that end Tiresias Technologies has state of the art hardware/firmware development tools and equipment.

We do our schematic design, digital design, simulation, PCB design and layout using Altium Designer™. We have FPGA hardware design target platforms.  We prefer to work with the Xilinx™ family of FPGA devices and the Xilinx™ tool chain.  For mechanical and package design we use the industry leader, Solidworks™.  As to laboratory test equipment we have some of the best on the market from folks like Agilent™, Tektronix™ and others.  And when it comes time to put together that prototype we have state-of-the art surface mount assembly and rework systems capable of supporting micro BGA devices.



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