Energy Technologies

You've Got The Power!

Welcome to the early 21st century.  Green is in.  Local generation technologies are hot and the Smart Grid is on the horizon.  Got solar? Wind? Guess what all of these things have in common?  Computer systems.  But not that monster on your desk, or in the server farm. And that means you need new, distributed, networked, embedded and secure systems to be implemented.  Or as we call those, Intelligent Systems.  Where do you start?

We have experience with technologies like SCADA and other various forms of data collection, analysis, reduction and communications.

Are you afraid that the weenies from the IT department are going to tell you how to make your system secure?  Do they even know how to spell PLC?  Do you really want them touching your power systems?  Why not call on some embedded and real-time folks with experience building mission critical systems.   You know, life, limb or fortune.  We'll keep the lights on for ya.

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