Our Core Values

We want our employees, customers, partners, and our competition to know that our values are priorities and we won’t compromise them.  When people talk about Tiresias Technologies, we want them to say “Yea, that’s a company that lives their core values.”

Integrity –We put truth before our self-interests and will always act with honesty and strong moral principles. We work at “the speed of trust.”

  • Our customers can expect us to give them an honest answer even if it’s not the most popular.

  • Our company is run with open, honest, and respectful communications between everyone.
  • We build long-term relationships based on honesty, even when it hurts a bit. We can get over the sting of truth and remain partners.

Diversity – We embrace, promote, and value diversity in all that we do. Simply put: Diversity is good.

  • Our customers can expect us to be creative and draw upon the diverse talents, experiences, and ideas of our employees to solve their problems.

  • Our employees can expect an inclusive workplace where they are accepted for who they are and to be treated with respect and dignity.

Life – People are human, not a corporate asset.  We want our people to flourish through personal growth in and outside of the office.

  • We provide employees training and encourage and support their interests to explore and create new ideas and technologies.

  • We support healthy lifestyles and individual wellbeing and have a family-friendly culture.
  • We believe in the “Common Good” and encourage active participation in our communities.

We follow the principles of Jim Collins (Good to Great, Great by Choice) and Patrick Lencioni (The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business). If you want to know where we’re coming from, these are great places to start.

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