US FIRST Robotics


Tiresias Technologies believes that US FIRST Robotics represents an important investment in our efforts to develop engineers and scientists for a new generation.  To that end we directly sponsor and provide mentors to the same.

The competition, promoted by innovator Dean Kamen, is an international program to challenge youth in a technical venue. Teams are given six weeks to design and test a robot to win the competition. The nature of the competition is kept secret till the kick-off day so the ability to manage time & resources is a big part of the project. Tiresias Technologies is proud to provide financial support and technical expertise to the students.

Team 2537, RAID, Atholton HS, Columbia MD

Hanging an "ubertube" in a fully autonomous mode in 2011

Tiresias Technologies is a sponsor of the Atholton HS Team #2537 for the 2011-2012 season.

The Raider Autonomous Intelligent Device (RAID) Team competed this past year in the Washington, DC and Chesapeake Regional competitions. The 2010 design won the coveted “Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation” at the First Robotics Chesapeake Regional competition and was selected as an alliance partner at the 2011 competition.

Tiresias Technologies CEO/President Sharon Brackett acts as an Adult Mentor and Chief Engineer to the team.



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