Who Are We?

Computer, Electrical and Software Engineers with over 25 years of expertise building just about anything. Seriously - Robotics,  Data/Network/Telcom Devices, Electro-optics, Satellite Ground Stations, Medical Imaging, Scientific Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, Web Managed Devices. If you can think of it we have probably worked on it! ->Read More

Company Profile

Tiresias Technologies solves tough engineering problems. Today's systems require a carefully a choreographed dance between hardware and software components.  Gone are the days of unique hardware and software development efforts.  Our experience in the hardware software boundary can be brought to bear on your problem set. ->Read More

Our Services

We offer our experts at hourly rates to solve your problems.  We can work remotely or on-site in the Baltimore/DC corridor.  Design, development, debugging, troubleshooting and technology consultation services are all available.  Hardware, firmware, software, web interface design, integration and testing experts at your beck and call. ->Read More

Intelligent Systems

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For us, Intelligent Systems are networked high-functioning embedded devices with special problems to solve and solutions to effect.  That means things that move and manipulate the world or data.  Be it a robot or a network device, the process is the same.  Gather, analyze, act, repeat...